Our Post

Our current Post (The name given to Mountain Rescue Centres) was opened in June 2010 after more than 5 years of careful planning and preparation.

Our old Post at Menstrie Scout Hall was basically a double garage which stored the Landrover, our kit and provided a small room for meetings.  We now have a tremendous modern facility with space for our vehicles, our kit, toilets and showers, a drying room, office space, a large training room, incident control facilities and storage.  We now even have a small climbing wall for training purposes and usually a decent supply of cakes and biscuits!  We are indebited to the Order of St John in Scotland for funding the project.  We recently also successfully raised funds for the development of a new garage building which will be complete by 2016.

Our Post is used very regularly for OMRT activity and is enabling us to reach for even higher standards of professionalism and capability.  The facility is also increasingly being used as a resource for other useful purposes, for example it hosts UK Mountain Rescue Meetings, Mountain Rescue Scotland Casualty Care Courses, Scottish Cave Rescue Training Events, Central Scotland Voluntary Sector Meetings and Navigation Courses run the Mountaineering Council of Scotland.  We also play to host to dozens of community groups each year by showing them the facilities and reinforcing the mountain safety message.


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