Medical equipment

We have various stretchers which can be used to slide, lower or simply carry a casualty off the hill.  We  also have a wide range of equipment such as scoop stretcher, vacuum mattresses, splints, collars and casualty bags to allow us to stabilise a casualty quickly and effectively.

We also have an assortment of specialist casualty care equipment including a defibrillator and a selection of pain killing drugs and medical gases which can be administered by members of our highly trained team.

Technical Rescue Equipment

There are lots of crags, gorges, steep sided glens, quarries and disused mines within the Ochils and the larger surrounding area covered by our Team. For this reason we have a selection of ropes, anchor equipment, pulleys and belay devices.  This allows us to set up abseils and rope systems to allow access to and recovery of casualties from steep ground.

Search Equipment

Searching is one of the main roles of the Ochils MRT and to do this effectively in all weathers and at any time of the day or night requires specialist equipment such as high powered searchlights, GPS and good quality binoculars.

We have also recently bought avalanche transceivers shovels and probes so that we can safely assist our neighbouring MR teams in some of the more mountainous regions during the winter months.  Avalanches do also happen in the Ochils from time to time.

Personal Protective Equipment

Each Team member is issued with a helmet, climbing harness, assorted slings and carabiners, head torch, waterproofs, map, compass and radio.


We currently have three vehicles, 2 Land Rovers that we use for moving equipment and team members onto the hill and a Vauxhall Movano which doubles as a personnel carrier and mobile base.  There is a large of amount of work and a huge cost in purchasing and maintaining the vehicles and equipment to required standards.




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