For Mountain Rescue call 999 ask for 'Police' then 'Mountain Rescue'

What we do

We are a charitable Search and Rescue organisation (SCO 24517).

Our purpose is to locate and recover people who have found themselves in difficult situations in the outdoors.

If you need us

Call 999 and ask for Police and then Mountain Rescue.

We will respond to your call for help any time and in any weather conditions.  We don’t charge for our services.


We are a Team of 35 mountaineers with specialist training.

We make use of specialist helicopters and search dogs where necessary and our running costs are supported by donations and fundraising.


We are keen to raise awareness about how to enjoy the outdoors as safely as possible.

Community groups are welcome to visit us and we provide first aid cover to a number of outdoor events.

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Just as the toaster popped for lunch CALLOUT to the Ewe Liars/Castle Law area to a male walker how had fallen some distance as evidenced by a nasty head wound and a broken ankle. The casualty took some time to locate given the various nooks, crannies and gullies in that area and was spotted by Coastguard 999 who then lowered a medic. Three OMRT members subsequently arrived, two having been lifted by Coastguard 999 from lower down the hill and then winched down to the scene. The casualty was bandaged, splinted and the packaged before being winched into the heli and then being flown off into the sunset. Very many thanks for support from SAS and the air ambulance as well. OMRT, any time, any place, any weather and in the middle of any meal! ... See MoreSee Less

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Ochils Mountain Rescue Team available 365 Days of the Year

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